Driver is obligated to give a receipt upon request.


Driver is not obligated to change bills larger than NOK 500.


Pre-booked fair has priority. The taxi starts on forward rate to the pick-up point, and switches to normal rate at the pre-set time.

Upon pre-booking there is an additional fee of NOK 20.

Direct booking

The taxi starts on forward rate to the pick-up point. You must estimate min. 10 minutes to your pick-up point under normal traffic.


These only take pre-booked rides. Please contact us by mail or phone for pre-booking or price estimates.

Methods of payment

We accept cash, credit card, and invoice. Invoice must be ordered in advance.


The taximeter is illuminated and visible from the back seat. Driver can not charge more than the taximeter display.


There may be an additional fee for exceptional amount of luggage, and assistance is needed to handle the luggage.

Wheelchair transport

Alta Taxi currently administers 2 minibuses and 1 small car designed for wheelchair transport. The minibuses also has other commisions, such as school bus, maxitaxi and other various trips. Therefore, there may be some waiting time on these. We encourage you to pre-book your transport if you are able to. During the daytime, a waiting time of at least 15 minutes must be anticipated. At night and weekends they can only take pre-booked trips.